100% collaborative web development tool

“Mobile navigation has delivered a new user profile, with expectations and needs defined by a high demand and by the request for new functionalities, technologically very powerful and totally connected with the devices.”

XOne as a Low-code Development Platform  offers a multimodal approach to the development of native mobile apps.

It counts on fast development tools, as well as mobile back-end services, used for the design and implementation of 100% native apps, which makes a flexible and extensible platform that faces the constant challenges of mobility.

XOneCloud is a high-productivity collaborative web development tool, designed to make work easier for XOne programmers.

XOne Android Developer Framework Now Available!!!

Do it yourself with XOne Cloud Studio !!!

Creating mobile apps does not have to be difficult, if you know what you want. If you already have clear the design, we give you the power to get you started.

XOne allows you to turn your ideas into real native mobility apps, in the easiest, fastest and most effective way.


Allows the creation of mobile apps on all Platforms and O.S. of the market, for all kinds of developers, professionals and non-professionals, through a great range of approaches.


It makes possible to scale and accelerate the delivery of mobile apps. The XOne IDE guarantees a high productivity of the programmer. You can develop simple pilots of little complexity for few users, and large projects with complex integrated technologies for thousands of different devices. See our IDE.

On-line off-line and push Connections

It provides the main core services and functions, such as offline data synchronization and push notifications to support the development of mobile apps.


It also has programming support and standard templates that allow the developer to carry out any project in mobility. The IDE has the tools for creation, modification, compilation, implementation, debugging and distribution of apps.

Low Learning Curve

Programming in XOneCloudStudio does not require great knowledge in mobility (devices, communications …) or great knowledge in database (Managers, ODBC).


It offers fully scalable final solutions that can be modified and / or expanded quickly and intuitively. You can extend features according to your needs and requirements, in the fastest way.


With XOneCloudStudio successful projects are achieved, starting from scratch and in short times.

It is the most appropriate tool for companies that want to experiment with mobile apps without a large initial investment, or when the resources of professional developers are limited.

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