Count on an exceptional experience and the market leading solutions offered by the XOne Multiexperience Development Platform.

Discover how XOne can offer you intelligent technology with a deep technical knowledge and an excellent service with response capacity to offer tangible value to your solutions.

Competences of our Partners

Our Partners must prepare, design and manage a Commercial Policy according to the strategy defined by XOne. In addition, they must attend to the various micro-channels existing in their territories.

The Partners must comply with the premises of:

  • Develop in each of its territories a DISTRIBUTION NETWORK under XOne technology.
  • Develop and implement XOne solutions among its customers.
  • Train sales people and technicians in XOne technology.
  • Dedicate at least 2 technical programmers trained in XOne.
  • Dedicate at least 1 commercial technician trained in XOne.

How do we select our Partners?

We base the selection of our Partners in various requirements:

  • Billing level of the company.
  • Number of sales people and technicians.
  • Business level of each operation.
  • Territorial implementation.
  • Potential in leads generation.
  • Technological knowledge.
  • Economic solvency.

What do we offer our Partners?

By participating in our comprehensive sales and technical training support, you will be able to solve customer challenges and provide a better customer experience more quickly.

High Professional Skills and Competences

We offer our Partners channel:

  • Sales specialists .Qualified professionals to offer and market our solutions from start to finish.
  • Design specialists. Expert staff in professional design trained to develop new solutions or updates to existing solutions.
  • Implementation specialists. XOne deployment professionals provide the physical installation of a project and resolution of issues that may arise.
  • Support specialists.. A multidisciplinary staff to integrate, install, maintain, and support the multiple bulk of apps.

Strategic Planning

Innovative software solutions are the result of creative companies that take advantage of the latest cutting-edge technology.

We assist our Partners at all times in the planning and definition of strategies, so that they can best meet the needs of their customers.

Cutting-edge Solutions

XOne is committed to provide its Partners network with the technology, service and options they need and their businesses demand.

Promoting the growth, adoption, experience and value of the solution that our Partners offer to their own customers with optimized levels and needs.

Sales channel

All our Partners deliver global solutions.

At XOne we collaborate with our Partners channel to bring local suppliers with the proven experience to recommend and provide the most effective and innovative solutions and services to meet the needs of your business.

Giving them a wide range of communication tools, logos, advertising material, success stories, sales campaigns …

Exceptional experience

Rely on XOne to provide the best possible experience and smart solutions, including information about the XOne Platform.

Access to various tools and resources to reduce software development times. In addition, they can increase their marketing with adaptable advertising material, resources for events, specialized technical support …


XOne offers all its partners the advice and technical assistance they need, providing tangible value to the quality of the service we provide with proven competence to ensure the highest level of customer experience.

Our Partners program is designed to help our associates acquire the set of skills needed to deliver the best vertical solutions.

Another Resources

To solve the possible doubts that may arise from the apps, we make available to our Partners a permanent CALL CENTER, composed of qualified technical personnel with high level technology, with a VoIP System and with immediate response times.

We also have a Software Factory, specialized in XOne technology to which any PARTNER may resort in case not having qualified technical personnel or whenever it deems appropriate.

We also provide a Developer Web Forum, Training Kit, or a Customer Web Page.

Terms and Conditions

To be a PARTNER XOne it is necessary to pay a CANON OF ENTRY that includes the necessary development tools and a remote course of the XOne technology. The course will take place in the offices of the PARTNER without including travel expenses.

Personal assistance will be offered in the programming, consisting of hours of development.

You can choose several modalities.

In addition, the PARTNER will have access to the XOne website to update and update the development tools and frameworks, as well as access to documentation pages of XOne Technology.