“Higher performance teams bring value to their customers by responding more quickly and reliably to market demands.”

DevOps supports the continuous delivery acceleration.

In XOne we adopt a business approach to deliver our solutions, using agile and collaborative methods, enabling delivery, deployment and continuous monitoring of our mobile apps, to adapt more quickly to an environment that demands more agility and efficiency every day, bring real value to the customer.


Continuous Delivery

Measuring and Analytic

Versions Management

Monitoring and Analysis


Risk Reduction

Resolution time Acceleration

By using this methodology we have managed to reduce the time necessary to deal with the feedback of our customers, delivering new values ​​faster and with lower risk.

Our philosophy is to improve ourselves every day … if it’s good, we will improve it.

Collaboration and Communication

In XOne we have created a culture of shared responsibility, transparency and faster feedback, because we are aware that each action affects all the teams involved in the development process, with an open communication to focus mainly on the value chain of our product.

We build a bridge to make everything work better … together.

Higher productivity

Thanks to automation and unified processes we increase productivity and publish more frequently, with higher quality and stability, avoiding errors.

DevOps improves the performance, productivity and value of our equipment.

Because the results of our customers allow us to remain more competitive.

The XOne compilation and development tools help us to shorten development cycles and accelerate product delivery.

Accelerate Innovation

With a disciplined approach in DevOps our apps can be developed and deployed much more quickly.

We accelerate launch services to the market and deploy new features rapidly and efficiently.

XOne allows total transparency and smooth communication, DevOps equipment minimizes downtime and solves incidents faster than ever. Real-time performance data are used to quickly understand the impact of changes in applications.

Secure and Continuous Versions

The verification of deliveries in XOne is done quickly through an automated process of integration and continuous testing, which allows quality versions, without unnecessary delays to the launch process and accelerating the recovery time.

Errors are easier to detect in a perfectly integrated team.

Measurement and Analytics

We measure the effectiveness of all the processes carried out, in order to speed up the life cycle of the apps and reduce failures, ensuring quality at all times, and based on automation and monitoring as fundamental tools to achieve it.

Therefore, the measurement and analysis tools that we develop in XOne focus on that goal, while helping us to make the best decisions, and to know if we are on the right track.

We value the customer and the business, collaboration, efficiency and effectiveness, quality and speed.