XOne operates on different mobile devices, and applies to all the O.S. and Platforms of the market

so the development time is considerably reduced

A unique code for different platforms

XOne as a cutting-edge low-code development platform can operate in different O.S. under the same code, achieving developments that can be executed without changes and quickly in different market Platforms.

It is one of the most remarkable features delivered by the platform.

Native Frameworks

XOne has native Frameworks for each O.S. supported, and even for each version of those O.S.

When an app is executed on a platform that does not support certain features, Frameworks ensure that the lack of such functionality does not affect the execution of the rest of the options of the app (gracefully degrading).

No limits on access to device hardware

In addition, XOne takes advantage of the old terminals available to the customer, taking into account the limitations that these terminals can offer, derived from their age, such as wireless connectivity, peripherals, storage capacity … etc.

The limits are set by your device

On the device that best suits your needs

One of the great advantages of the XOne is that it can offer the user the possibility of using in a development the device or devices that best suit their needs, or those of the different user profiles that will have it.

Different terminals, or different O.S. coexisting in the same development

Among the different operating environments supported by XOne, we must highlight Android, iOS, Windows 32 PC, Linux PC, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry…

You don´t have to do any modification, XOne evolves according to your needs.