XOne Assist

XOne Apps connected to the user,  powered by A.I.


XOne Assist

XOne ready to create and develop apps enhanced with AI-based technologies

Thanks to technological advances, XOne enters into the world of A.I. Conversations with bots are increasingly precise, offer a more humane treatment to users and speed up decision-making automatically.

This type of A.I-based solutions will provide us with new skills and functionalities in our mobile apps.

In XOne we are developing all our imagination and experience to create unprecedented apps, enabled by AI.

XOne is able to collect and analyze habits to meet the specific needs of developers.

XOne Assist supports a wide range of solutions powered by A.I, including natural language, speech recognition, dialogue management, text analysis, virtual agents, biometric security …

In the very next future, our apps will be more conversational and fluid, improve understanding, reasoning and decision making, through an appropriate combination of data enhanced with M.L. algorithms will be able to reason and deducing information.

Using the M.L. systems, a model designed to fulfill a particular purpose will be formulated, and then, it will be adapted to the specific model according to the data, these techniques will allow us to create models that represent certain scenarios.

XOne will train Machine Learning models to know how to solve situations and make use of previous experiences.

Virtual Agent XOne

Virtual tutor to optimize customer service and support, increase productivity, reduce costs and improve time-to-market.

Is it possible to convert an idea into code?

Very soon, our models will be built by using A.I. techniques that generate the best possible code for our platform.

Through natural language processing and expert systems you can suggest changes and improvements to any mobile app.

Our chatbot will be a trained model, integrated into the app with the ability to interact with you !!!

Describe your idea, the system understands it, and shall be converted into executable code.


your project prototype with the XOne simulator


just tell it how you want your app


your requirements and needs

And he automatically will create a template for you, with your pilot, according to your needs …

Our apps listen, define, explore, act, create …