Trust our services to make your solution work

Our professional services of integral support contribute value to all our developments

Our services range from simple implementations to customized solutions, highly complex and fully integrated and adapted to our clients.

We have a qualified team of experts who bring years of experience in the development of apps.

Training and Skills

We move wherever you want, whenever you need it

Training and Skills

We understand that each company has different needs, that's why we project tailor-made training for our customers, at the user level and at the developer level. The training and knowledge of our Platform is fundamental to be able to make the most of its potential and develop the work with greater efficiency and security.

With a very low learning curve, our training service enables developers to program with XOne technology.

Also, we offer a continuous service so that the user is updated at all times and knows the news and improvements that are being incorporated.

IT Consulting

We tell you how you can improve the competitiveness of your company, optimize internal processes, and save costs. In short, we provide added value for your business, delivering the necessary resources for you to gain efficiency, security and reliability.

We offer support from the origin of the idea to its implementation and subsequent supervision and monitoring by specialized technical personnel, always with a broad vision of the entire life cycle of development.

Apps Design

We give you the tools and resources to design and develop your idea, so that you can combine mobile apps design trends with usability and functionality.

All our applications are easy to use, intuitive, flexible and always based on the customer´s corporate image.

We adapt to your needs

XOne aims to offer the best support to its customers and users

Support and Customer Service

We offer our customers a specialized multi-language call-center, with a VoIP system and a web page of clients with immediate support to developers and users, as well as an advanced incident management system.

In order to provide a better coverage to our customers, we have implemented a customized technical assistance service to solve any doubts that may arise from the app.


Each app has a series of different features, which is why XOne always adapts to the customer´s needs.

We focus our maintenance services as a service by which we respond in an appropriate and agile way to the possible issues that may arise from the app, errors, functionality failures, improvements and updates, new versions ...

Different types of maintenance, both corrective and evolutionary.